Reconstructing a Relationship : A Review

horror, fiction

published : August 2022

my rating : 5/5



a woman is in mourning, her boyfriend having been in a car accident and dying horrifically. she studies magic, reads at length, and works to bring him back from the dead. and bring him back she does.

but at what cost?

My Thoughts:

Reconstructing a Relationship starts innocently enough. a woman is upset, understandably so, after the loss of the love of her life. she travels around, gathering body parts in an attempt to put him together and bring him back.

the first half of the book is from the woman Terry’s view point – the second half of the book being from the dead Drew, lost after a head on collision with a semi-truck.

this works really well. if it weren’t for the double view point, this book wouldn’t work. i think it’s a genius mechanism that adds to the experience.

the writing is crisp, clean, and concise. you have no questions about what’s going on.

i most liked how twisty this story was. you feel for Terry, you really do. oh, woe is her, she’s a HERO bringing him back from the afterlife. this sympathy quickly fades when you realize she’s not all that she seems. that Drew isn’t all that he seems.

the characters are well done, unlikeable (which works great for a story of this type) but at the same time you can’t help but root for them, especially Drew.

i’ll say this. at a little under 70 pages, the pacing and the twists work perfectly. it’s a quick read, and a worthy one.

i rated this 5 stars because it is, in my opinion, a rare talent to make something that has been done into something completely new and original in a significantly shorter format.

not only that, but it is a GRIPPING story. there’s no gaps, no wasted space. it’s bam after pow after “what the actual fuck?”

think Frankenstein but splatterpunk. think romance but Misery.

this is a winner of a novella and i would highly recommend it.

thank you to the author, Micah Castle, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

get it for yourself on Amazon!

Micah’s Website


thanks for reading!

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